By Breanna Granlund, Masa Yuan, & Cherri Wilson-Thornton, CLE Monterey

Bree, Masa, Cherri - Healthier Mexican Taco
Tacos have always been a favorite Mexican dish enjoyed by everyone, especially to us. Up until now, we had always enjoyed making and purchasing the traditional Mexican tacos. Don’t misunderstand what we are saying, while we loved eating tacos the traditional way, they were just very high in calories, with all its full milk products and fatty hamburger meat.

Cherri had decided to become a strict vegetarian and wondered if she could ever enjoy this awesome Mexican dish again. Let’s face it, this is not what a vegetarian would eat with all the fatty hamburger meat and milk products. We all had watched a movie entitled What the Health. As such, we are all trying to cut back on eating meat, and as in Cherri’s situation, no meat at all. Together, we are all trying to make healthier food choices and exercise more. We also exercise together as a fitness group where we jog and/or brisk-walk either at the Wharf or on a trail that runs along the beach. We exercise for half an hour on Thursdays.

Healthier Tacos recipeDuring one of our Lunch Social Groups, Breanna turned the group onto a new and healthier Mexican taco version. We can now have our tacos and eat them too! This fabulous tasting Mexican taco dish is called “Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos” and the full recipe link is:

All the other CLE students in this Lunch Social Group thoroughly enjoyed this awesome dish and helped themselves to seconds and thirds. This healthier version was not only fun to make, but it was also easy, satisfying, cost efficient, contained very few ingredients, and very fulfilling.

Masa said, “At first, I thought, it was something that I couldn’t see myself eating. After trying it, my tummy was so happy. I never thought that something this healthy for you could taste so deliciously awesome!”

You should visit this site and see for yourself how delicious this healthier version to the traditional Mexican taco dish is. Also, you can find What the Health on Netflix or watch the full version on YouTube. Until then, stay Gucci and Bon Appetit!