Enriching Your Community

Developing social skills is an integral part of a student’s successful transition into adulthood. With the right social supports in place, CLE students are provided the opportunity to develop and apply the skills relevant to their lives. Instruction in a natural setting enhances a student’s ability to be successful within different social environments.

Real-World Engagement

What does the CLE social community look like?

Through everyday occurrences, CLE social supports create a platform of learning beyond the classroom, including:

  • Establishing Social Networks
  • Creating Meaningful Relationships
  • Enhancing Conversational Skills
  • Respecting Boundaries
  • Perspective Taking

Laying a Foundation

How will I build meaningful relationships in a new place?

CLE’s approach to supporting students, as they develop their social skills, is driven by the individual learner. With the right social skills supports, students have an opportunity to develop and apply social skills in relevant ways that enhance their ability to be successful in a variety of settings. CLE’s social supports will lay a foundation for students to be better equipped to experience success within the domains of academics, independent living, and career development.


Integrating Supports

How do my social skills impact my success in college and in my career?

Social skills support includes a weekly group led by the staff psychologist in which students talk about issues such as stress management, coping skills and other topics relevant to their peer group of special needs students making a college or adult transition. Students also meet regularly with their CLE case manager to talk about their progress, assess their independence and make the most of the resources available to them. Additionally, a CLE mentor encourages friendly participation in activities that foster interaction among students with Asperger’s, autism, ADD and learning disabilities. Loosely structured social skills groups revolve around student interests such as bike riding, dinner and trips to the gym, while specially planned outings and events vary from trips to see a musical or an art exhibit, to participating in local festivals or a fishing trip. Social skills development is an integral part of a student’s successful transition through college and into adulthood.

A Bigger Picture

Being a part of the community at large, not just the disability community is important, how can this happen?

Students experience social life off campus, too, by participating in outings and events with CLE staff and peers. They shop, go to movies and eat out. They bike, rock climb and ski. At CLE, students participate in typical activities all college students enjoy – and they develop the social skills to help them establish lasting, rewarding relationships with new-found confidence.

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