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An Ideal Partner: CLE Students Talk About Their Model Relationships

I set about asking students in Austin what they want in their ideal partner and we got some great qualities listed. Very few students talked about physical traits that they want in a partner, most talk about the personal qualities that they think are important to them in a relationship.

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My Open Letter: Parent to Parent – There Is Much To Address

You’re approaching your child’s transition from high school to adulthood, and I have a guess what you’re feeling. You may be intimidated about choosing what’s next for your child. Just getting your child through K-12 may have absorbed all your attention until now. You may find leaving behind familiar supports feels risky, like launching a rowboat on the open sea.

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Neurodiversity – A Civil and Human Right

Neurodiversity is not just a new word, it’s a concept, a scientific and human based approach to neurological differences; it’s a movement to destigmatize and empower a large group of our population. When we speak of neurodiversity, we are asserting that our neurological differences are as fundamental to our humanity as the colors of our skin, the cultures and beliefs that shape us and our orientations.

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