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The Anonybox

What happens if you leave an anonymous box in the common room of your local CLE center for a month and ask students to share topics they do not feel comfortable bringing up in person? If you’re like me, you might expect a few funny musings or adolescent jokes or possibly just a little bit of lint and maybe some random crumbs. You might be surprised at just how revealing your students can be.

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Thinking Critically About Conflict

Conflict, unfortunately, is an inescapable facet of life. Thankfully, how one approaches and deals with conflict is wholly up to the individual. And while we cannot always be there for our students when they come up against the challenges of everyday life, we can arm them with one of the greatest tools education has to offer.

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Unlike many traditional measures of success, grit is not tied to intelligence, luck, or talent. Grit is a supportive attribute when it comes to challenging experiences and college is often a challenging experience. According to research, individuals who obtain an associate's degrees are, on average, more hardy/gritty than those who get bachelor's degree.

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Teaching Students How to Persevere through Positive Education

At CLE, academic tutors do more than simply teach students how to write an essay or how to solve an algebraic problem. Tutors teach students executive, organizational, and study skills--how to handle multiple responsibilities and how to manage their time. But most of all, how to become independent in an academic learning environment as well as other areas of their lives.

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An Apology to My Dad: How I Learned to Take Control of My Education

During my first two years of High School, I was notorious for procrastinating and going to great lengths to avoid work — even going to the extent of throwing away my math homework, so my dad would not know that I wasn’t doing it.

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