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Supports for Gaining Meaningful Employment

In today’s job market, being ready for a career is more complex than providing a resume and a handshake. The CLE Career Development Program strives to enable students to establish the skills needed to obtain meaningful employment within the constantly changing work environment.

The CLE team designs Career Development supports to be a resource and guide for each student’s individualized employment path.

Julia Petering - CLECareer Corner
Highlighting our Career Development students

Julia Petering

Julia is a hard-working and dedicated CLE student. Julia has made excellent progress in her Career Development throughout the semester. She is a cherished employee at Trader Joe’s, and enjoys being part of a team. Julia is seeking to pursue a part-time job with animals or at Goodwill. Julia is a valued leader in our Career Development groups as she gives and receives feedback exceptionally well, has perfect attendance, and communicates well with both her peers and staff.

Julia has embodied a wonderful mantra that has helped her along the way and she will be happy to share it with you.

How to identify specific interests and abilities?

Field Research & Training

  • Assess career interests through formal and informal assessments
  • Explore workplace environments across various industries through company tours and job shadowing
  • Develop field training skills in regard to job searching, applying for jobs, and following up with potential employers with the support from the Career Development Team

Career Workshops

  • Learn soft and hard skills through interactive lessons
  • Create resumes, cover letters, and portfolios
  • Practice interview and communication skills
  • Develop customer service skills

What kind of preparation is there for the workplace?

  • Develop fundamental work skills through volunteering / internships / apprenticeships
  • Receive job coaching and training support
  • Learn how to advocate needs to supervisors
  • Develop individualized strategies to help learn new tasks at work

What happens after employment is obtained?

Employee Supports

  • Obtain employment in an industry that matches
    skill level, values, and interest
  • Maintain employment by engaging in positive
    work behavior and displaying work skills

Employer Supports

  • Educate employers on disability awareness, Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations, tax benefits, industry benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities
  • Offer employee job coaching and assistance with news tasks
  • Troubleshoot employee performance concerns
  • Assess and evaluate employee performance related to employer satisfaction
CLE Career Development Successes

Within 1 year, over 80 young adults obtained employment across 20 national organizations and 50 regional companies.

These employment opportunities ranged from full-time, part-time, internships, and volunteering. While gaining work experience, young adults were able to build upon their résumé by developing their skill sets and further identifying industries and careers of interest.

Employment was gained across a wide variety of industries, including:

Animal Services & Veterinary Care        Health & Counseling
Arts & Entertainment         Hospitality
Automotive         Restaurant
Child Care         Human Services
Clerical & Support Services         Information Technology
Education         Parks & Recreation
Film         Retail

Other Services at CLE

Academic Supports


Independent Living Supports

Independent Living Skills

Social Skills Supports