Where do you picture yourself living?

East Coast. West Coast. Midwest. The South. Remote. Downtown Living. Small, but comfortable. Busy and bustling. Beach walks. Train rides. City Scapes. Cool climates. Summer most of the year. Some think CLE locations were carefully handpicked in destination cities. And we say, we couldn’t agree more!

No matter where you’re most comfortable or what you want to pursue, we offer 7 locations across the country that have a little something for everyone.

Center opening dates.

1989 – Fort Lauderdale, FL
2006 – Denver, CO
2006 – Austin, TX
2007 – Washington, D.C.
2007 – Monterey, CA
2011 – Costa Mesa, CA
2020 – Nashville, TN

Learn More about CLE Locations.

When selecting a CLE location, students and families often times factor in much more than just academic or career options. Major considerations may also include: the climate, transporation access, local culture, area food, and even what type of activities each area offers. To make this part a little easier (& fun) for you, we’ve taken most of that guess work away. Enjoy your virtual tour through each of the 7 locations CLE likes to call home.

Austin, Texas

Costa Mesa, California

Denver, Colorado

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Monterey, California

Nashville, TN

Washington, D.C.