What services does CLE offer?2017-01-12T11:38:49-06:00

CLE provides comprehensive year round support for students seeking to develop academic, vocational, social and independent living skills. Individualized instruction across these domains is completed in our center, in students’ apartments, in the community, on campus and in the workplace to maximize the opportunity for learning and generalizing skills.

What types of professionals make up the College Living Experience team?2016-08-11T10:35:24-05:00

Students work with a comprehensive support team to guide them through their transition and oversee their progress. CLE instructional staff have a minimum of a Bachelors degree, and many have graduate degrees in education, psychology or a related field.

The support team for students includes:

  • Academic Liaison who ensures each student is registered for the appropriate classes based on his or her skill set and instruction level, establishes a relationship with the school’s Office of Disability Services, monitors students’ progress, participation and attendance in class, and provides disability awareness among students, faculty and staff;
  • Subject-specific tutors who work with students in 1:1 or small group settings;
  • Independent living skills coordinator / instructors who help students manage activities of daily living such as paying bills, shopping, preparing meals and other skills that promote independence;
  • Mentor, typically graduate students in psychology, who facilitate the guided application of newly learned social skills so students gain independence and confidence;
  • Student Advisor who monitors students’ overall progress and serves as the primary contact with parents;
  • Staff psychologist who supervises the mentors, leads student discussion groups and helps the staff develop intervention plans for each student based on the student’s individual needs; and;
  • Resident Advisor who lives at or near the students’ apartment complex and helps students navigate daily life, plan and participate in social events and manage routine household matters.
What are the requirements for admission to a CLE program?2016-08-11T10:45:23-05:00

Each applicant is assessed individually to determine whether he or she would benefit from College Living Experience and to identify the most appropriate vocational, technical or academic program.

See our Admissions page for instructions on applying to CLE.

Can I visit a CLE center?2016-08-11T13:20:06-05:00

We encourage potential students, families and professionals to come and visit centers. Call us to arrange a time. We also have open house events throughout the year, which can be found on our News & Events page.

Where do students live?2017-01-12T11:40:24-06:00

Students enrolled at College Living Experience live in apartments that are close to the CLE center and the educational program they are enrolled in. Students typically live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. Some students, based on need or preference, may choose to live on their own.

Apartment living, rather than dorm life, provides the chance for CLE students to learn what it takes to be independent in adulthood with our support. Students can learn to shop for groceries, cook, clean and manage basic maintenance such as unclogging a sink. Under the direction of an independent living skills coordinator, students gain experience and confidence in accepting responsibility for tasks of daily living. Equally important, CLE students receive the social benefits of sharing living space, responsibilities, interaction and friendship with a roommate.

Can students live at home with their parents?2016-08-17T13:55:40-05:00

Yes. Students interested in continuing to live at home can do so if they live in close proximity to one of the six College Living Experience locations.

How much direct supervision does College Living Experience provide?2016-08-11T13:05:34-05:00

All students receive the comprehensive academic, independent living and social skills support they need to become functional, self-sufficient adults in individual and group settings. Check out a sample student schedule to see the level of instruction students receive.

Do students have access to assistance at night?2016-08-11T11:07:25-05:00

A resident advisor or on call staff person is available to assist students after their scheduled appointments or social activities. A staff person is on call overnight and on the weekend to help students troubleshoot any challenges or guide them through emergencies.

How long do students participate in CLE?2016-08-11T11:09:11-05:00

Most students participate in College Living Experience for two years, although some students remain in the program longer while they complete their education or receive additional support to transition into a vocational or career setting.

What is the age range of CLE students?2020-02-24T10:26:09-06:00

CLE students typically enroll in the program after completing secondary education or after pursuing post-secondary education and identifying they need greater support. The typical age range is between 18-28.

What do students do when they leave CLE?2016-08-11T11:14:41-05:00

After participating in College Living Experience programming, students are prepared to live more independent lives. This means they can explore a variety of opportunities such as living successfully on their own or with a roommate, they can establish and maintain appropriate and fulfilling relationships, continue their post-secondary education or begin a career.

What are typical disabilities of CLE students?2016-08-11T11:17:18-05:00

College Living Experience provides intensive assistance to students of with varying abilities. Some students have autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger’s Syndrome. Others have conditions such as dyslexia and ADD/ADHD or social and emotional maturation issues. We provide ongoing social facilitation to promote acceptance, respect and understanding because we believe these values are of paramount importance.

What is included in the fees paid to CLE?2016-08-17T13:54:19-05:00

Fees paid to College Living Experience cover a complete network of comprehensive support to help students live independently, achieve academically and engage socially. Each student receives academic, independent living and social skills instruction for a period of 12 months from a team of professionals whose goal is to help him or her become more self-sufficient, independent and confident.

Is financial aid available?2016-08-17T13:54:29-05:00

CLE recognizes that financial limitations may not make it possible to participate in our programming. We can help direct families to financial aid or assistance programs that may help in reducing expenses. Depending on individual student needs, they may be eligible for funding from state or federal agencies, including:

Families are encouraged to consult with their tax advisor regarding use of 529 Plans and tax deductions for the cost of CLE services.