Wellness at CLE

The word diet usually invokes rather displeasing images. We tend to revert to thoughts about restrictions and constraints. Other thoughts include having to eat less and being less satisfied when, in reality, the focus is on nutrition – you’re actually more satisfied and full of vitamins and nutrients.

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Using Apps for Meditation and Mindfulness

The practices of mindfulness and meditation have been becoming more common in classrooms, workplaces, and homes in recent years. Mindfulness and meditation have to do with quieting the mind and paying attention to the present moment. This can help individuals to understand their own emotions and handle stressful situations. Luckily, there are now dozens of apps for devices that are based on mindfulness and meditation.

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Tips for Getting Your Child to Socialize

The summer months bring fresh opportunities for engaging with the community, exploring the outdoors, and expanding social experiences. Unfortunately, the summer heat can also serve as a detour for getting outside. Rather than letting the heat be a barrier, use the heat as a tool to promote engaging in extraordinary activities.

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How to Socialize: Advice from Students

Sometimes even mentioning the word “Socialize” can cause stress and discomfort for students. Other students become energized and excited upon hearing the same word. Here at CLE Fort Lauderdale, we include many social engagement opportunities for our students in hopes of helping them navigate all different types of relationships within various situations.

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