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College Living Experience (CLE) is the industry’s leading provider of post-secondary supports for young adults with learning differences. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of services, we strive to propel young adults toward success as they journey through their transition to independence.

CLE students pursue their academic program or career of interest while also receiving services across the domains of independent living and social skill development.

In a Nutshell

The philosophy of CLE supports is simple: We Meet You Where You Are.

Our team recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to young adults seeking independence. In order to maximize opportunities for success, we provide students with guidance and instruction that is based on their growth and development.

Since success will look different to each student, we take the time to learn about their needs, interests, and goals. This approach allows our team to provide support that aligns with their personal transition to adulthood.

With 7 locations across the United States, CLE Centers can be found in Austin TX, Costa Mesa CA, Denver CO, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Monterey CA, Nashville TN, and Washington D.C.. Each Center location is situated near area colleges and vocational programs so students have easy access to CLE support services while they pursue their degree, college or career of interest.

We believe the best learning opportunities for growth are found in the everyday situations our students may face. The CLE team works alongside each student to provide coaching and instruction through guided discovery within their natural environment. Our supports and services are tailored around each student so they may discover their true potential. We invite you to browse through our website, give us a call or schedule a visit to one of our CLE locations to learn what else makes CLE unique from the perspectives of our students, families, and staff.

This is a great question and one we receive often. CLE is not considered an academic institution, though we do partner with area academic universities, community colleges and technical schools where many of our students attend. Our services are not credit bearing, but students are simultaneously enrolled in our program while they pursue their degree or certificate.

Consider us a wrap-around support service that provides the necessary supports in areas of academics, social skills, living independently and career development.

It is common for students to have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, specific learning disability, ADHD, cerebral palsy, or other types of cognitive delays.

Though there is no single box that all students fit in to, there is a common thread that each student has the motivation or desire to attend CLE and, if living independently, can safely do so with the right surrounding support.

Top 5 Reasons Families Select CLE

Approximately 60% of families inquiring about CLE services are also looking into other post-secondary support programs. Here are the top 5 reason why families ultimately choose us:

Level of Support/Breadth of Services
Quality of Staff
Son’s/Daughter’s Preference
Endorsement from Professional or Parent

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