We are experts, artists, creatives, educators, advisors, gamers, techies, mentors…
We are inspired by a long-term outcome that we may only experience a glimpse of.
We strategize, problem solve, connect, and support. We think outside the box.
We try. We try; sometimes having success and sometimes having to go back to the drawing board.

Our Core Commitments are the heart of everything we do as we strive for evolutionary growth based on the ever changing needs of our community. It’s our community that fuels our inspiration to have a greater impact on the world. We have a passion to pursue, create and set higher standards across the industry of post-secondary support services. With unwavering determination, we are committed to providing innovative, individualized services of the highest quality to our students, families and each other.

we are educators.

we are mentors.

we are experts.

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Meet the CLE Team

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