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The philosophy of CLE is, We Meet You Where You Are. Whether you have a college or career picked out, you only have a general idea or you have no plans, we want to help support you in exploring options.

Since success will look different to each individual we serve, we take the time to learn about your needs, interests, and goals. This approach allows our team to provide support across main domains that will align with your personal transition to independence.

Services In a Nutshell

Interspersed throughout the week, students attend a variety of academic sessions such as content-specific tutoring (group or one-on-one setting) and supervised study halls while gaining access to assistive technology tools to fit their learning style and expert tutors. Student sessions also focus on addressing course material, organization, and planning for assignments and exams.
Degree, Certificate, or Trade? It’s their choice. Located within close proximity to a number of higher education options including universities, community colleges and vocational programs, CLE students have the opportunity to pursue their program of interest while utilizing the supports of CLE.
Student-driven activities provide an ample amount of learning opportunities for the development and enhancement of social skills. Acquisition of skills can include initiating social contact, dating, respecting boundaries, perspective taking, plus building and maintaining lasting friendships. Social skills instruction is provided through 1:1 mentoring sessions, weekly focus groups, structured socials, and peer-planned activities.
Instructors work with students on how to best manage their independent living circumstances covering topics such as household organization, health and wellness, and financial management. Specifically, students will create a budget and meet 1:1 with their financial instructor each week to learn how to assess their budget by reviewing expenses, reconciling charges, and paying bills.
Coaching for executive functioning skills is woven through all aspects of CLE supports and services. Additionally, students receive tailored instruction in time management from developing routines to the planning and completion of tasks. Students also work on prioritization, problem solving, setting goals, and following through.
Career Supports work to accelerate the acquisition of skills, interests, work habits, and abilities while students work to develop and enhance the skill sets necessary for viable employment. Extensive services include personal inventories, assessments, job readiness instruction, support in building a portfolio, job searching, interview preparation, job coaching, and education in community awareness.

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Social Development/Relationships
Academic Success
Financial Independence
Healthy Living
Self Advocacy

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