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Denver, Colorado

June 24-July 14, 2018 | Residential Camp

Experience a snapshot of life after high school within a supportive environment. Students participate in their choice of college or vocational courses while enhancing their social development and independent living skills. Students live in dorms and attend non-credited courses at a nearby college campus.

Join us from June 24 – July 14 for this residential summer exploration program. Tuition covers all housing, meals, academic or vocational classes along with some recreational activities. Travel costs and weekly spending money are separate.
The tuition for CLE’s 3-week Summer Exploration in Denver is $5,900 with a $75 application fee. Deadline for application is May 31st, 2018.
This Denver summer program has been known to fill-up. Students are interviewed and accepted on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re interested in joining us in 2018, we encourage you to begin the application process before we reach capacity.
What is Summer Exploration?

What is Summer Exploration?

CLE’s 3-week Summer Exploration program in Denver, Colorado is a unique opportunity for high school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates to personally experience the next step toward gaining independence. Within a supportive environment, students practice developing the skills necessary for their pursuit of:

  • Higher Education and Preparing for Employment
  • Social Development
  • Independent Living
Course options at Summer Exploration

Academic & Career Skills

Students take courses on the Auraria College campus geared toward college readiness or career development, depending on their goals. Outcomes of the coursework and campus activities target skills, such as:

  • Navigating a College Campus
  • College Level Writing
  • Self-Determination & Self-Advocacy
  • Organization & Study Techniques
  • Time Management Skills
  • Résumé Development
Social development at Summer Exploration CLE Denver

Social Development

Each year the CLE staff are witness to students increasing their social confidence.

Social development at Summer Exploration is designed to create new experiences for students to actively learn in a fun environment with a challenging curriculum. On a daily basis, students are exposed to the unique recreational offerings and rich culture of Denver. Activities students can enjoy include Denver Amusement Parks, Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, Colorado Rockies games, outdoor concerts, museums, and more.

Students also have the opportunity to create lasting friendships as they share this experience with their peers from across the country.

Integrated living - CLE Summer Exploration

Integrated Living

Students reside in supervised college dorms that are centrally located with convenient access to the Auraria College Campus and CLE Offices.

While living with a roommate, students have a chance to experience what it is like to live independently for the first time. Within each dorm suite, students have a private bedroom and bathroom while sharing a common living space with their roommate.

Independent living instruction allows students to practice and generalize skills in:

  • Utilizing Public Transportation
  • Managing Finances
  • Meal Preparation
  • Room Organization
  • Hygiene Routines and Laundry

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