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Project Description

Staff Perspective

“I most admire John for his perseverance. If you give him a goal, he will complete it. He doesn’t just do so halfheartedly… he gives everything his full effort and truly cares about his performance. John takes great pride in his work and is personally invested in improvement. He is a great example of a student who has overcome his academic challenges by taking a different path. When John entered the program, we never thought in a million years that he would be a drama major, but he is currently delivering soliloquies in front of his class and his audience and he devotes time toward practicing his delivery. I could not be more pleased to see how John has progressed through school and to witness him develop as a kind, responsible young man!”

– Scott

My Path

Technical Theatre Certificate

My Passion

Sports is something I enjoy because it gets me excited. I want to work for the Cowboys at their headquarters because they are my favorite football team.