Preparation for students attending CLE

CLE Navigator PREP bridges the transition for incoming students and their parents from high school until they begin at CLE.


  • Skill-based strategies 
  • Focus on executive functioning, and social and emotional regulation skills 
  • Unique inclusion of parents 
  • Extensive final report with clear recommendations based on individualized needs which is coordinated with CLE staff
Home-based curriculum


CLE Navigator PREP, developed in partnership with Beacon College’s Transition Center, is a virtual transition program for neurodiverse students. Created especially for incoming CLE students, CLE Navigator PREP uses a virtual model and a skill-based curriculum to develop students’ executive functioning, social and emotional regulation skills. There is also a focus on providing support to parents, as CLE Navigator PREP actively addresses the separation process and the normative experiences that families go through during this adjustment. 

Students participating in CLE Navigator PREP will be able to identify their unique academic, social and personal management areas requiring support, and establish advocacy and problem-solving steps essential to post-secondary success. CLE Navigator PREP is also an opportunity to connect and plan with fellow students preparing to attend CLE. 


Students will begin in February 2021 and run for six months.  

For those students who miss the initial start you may join the next cohort in May, 2021. 

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Navigator PREP @ CLE