Over the years, our team has received a number of requests from families, professionals, and schools to bring our post-secondary supports to the local communities in the South. We have been listening, collaborating with local professionals, and planning. We are thrilled to announce that we now are enrolling students at CLE Nashville. Nashville has also always been close to our heart. Our President, Stephanie Martin, has lived in Nashville for 13 years and our team is drawn to the warm southern culture, expansive scenery, and robust post-secondary education options.

We want to provide an experience that is away from the heart of downtown, and decided on the neighboring city of Franklin, TN as our home. We believe Franklin is an ideal setting to support students with exceptionalities during their pursuit of post-secondary education or a career path. It is an ideal way to have the access to all Nashville has to offer and be set in a quieter space with excellent educational options, safe housing, and an easy community to navigate.

Our newest students are moved in and excited for new peers to join their community. We hope you join us and celebrate alongside us with this news. It’s a wonderful opportunity for CLE as an organization and we look forward to sharing our progress with you in the coming months.

Hope Link - Director of CLE Nashville“I fell in love with CLE while visiting the Denver center over two years ago. I appreciated the passion and care of the team and the sincerity of the student-to-staff relationships. The services are performed explicitly and with a process, but there is genuine fluidity that helps staff meet students in their own unique and individual space. Since joining CLE, I have continued to witness this at the center-level across centers but have found that the commitments are lived and modeled by the entire leadership team. I am honored and excited to help bring this thoughtful and comprehensive support program to the Southeast. Come visit us in Nashville!”

– Hope