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Costa Mesa, CA

July 9-22, 2017 | Residential Camp

Film Exploration is a two-week immersion into the world of film production. Students will work alongside their peers and industry professionals gaining insight into cinematic arts while also experiencing a taste of independent living in a supported environment.

Join us from July 9-22 for this residential film exploration program. Tuition includes the cost of housing, meals, use of equipment and software, along with some recreational activities. Travel costs and weekly spending money are separate.
The tuition for CLE’s 2-week Film Exploration in Costa Mesa is $4,000 with a $75 application fee.
Due to limited space, interested students are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible before we reach capacity. Prospective students are interviewed and accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Real Film Experience

During this detailed introduction to film production, students will work with professional grade equipment to learn the art of:

  • Capturing images
  • Composing screenplays
  • Recording digital sound
  • Completing a project in post-production

With their newfound skills, students will create, shoot, and edit a film that will be showcased at the red carpet event, CLE’s Oscar Ball.

Social Engagement

In addition to their immersion into the film industry, students will receive social coaching and instruction woven through exciting group activities, such as a networking gala, ‘That’s a Wrap’ party, and red-carpet Oscar Ball. Students will take a trip to Los Angeles, the heart of film, to experience the industry’s iconic landmarks, including:

  • Beverly Hills Museum tours for television, radio, and film
  • Picture-perfect photo op with the iconic Hollywood sign
  • Tour the backlot of a major Hollywood studio
  • Visit to the TCL Chinese Theater
  • A stroll down Hollywood Boulevard to see the Stars
  • Dinner at Universal’s City Walk
  • Visit to Santa Monica Pier/Boardwalk, offering world-renowned recreation, dining, and a picturesque beach
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Integrated Living

Residing in dorms, students have the opportunity to experience on-campus living, in a supportive environment, while interacting with other students within the university. All dorm rooms have a private bedroom and bathroom for each student.

Independent living instruction allows for students to practice and generalize skills in :

  • Utilizing Public Transportation
  • Managing Finances
  • Meal Preparation
  • Room Organization
  • Hygiene Routines and Laundry

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