Pursue your higher education program of choice; whether a technical certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree, receive the supports necessary to experience success.

Independent Living

Live independently while learning how to manage personal finances, household responsibilities, and self-care.

Social Skills

Create meaningful friendships and experience new-found confidence in social situations by developing peer relationships and a social network.

Career Development

Students navigate career goals and gain work experience through jobs and volunteer opportunities with CLE professional support.


College Living Experience (CLE) is the premier college program for special needs students, facilitating independent living for students with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism and nonverbal learning disorders. CLE programs are located around the country, in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Washington, D.C. and California. Situated near major college and vocational programs, CLE programs facilitate a transition to college and independent adulthood in a supportive, structured environment that emphasizes the development of academic, independent living and social skills.

Programs at CLE

CLE offers college programs for students with special needs in exciting and culturally rich cities. Each program is conveniently located in a community with access to public transportation and entertainment options. Advisors and staff counselors provide support to help students transition to college and adulthood through academic tutoring, structured social activities and guided independent living skills development. Whether taking a trip to the beach in Monterey, snowboarding on the mountains outside Denver, or visiting the monument of Washington, D.C., CLE helps students with special needs develop independent living and social skills that contribute to a successful transition into adulthood.

Students with Asperger’s, nonverbal learning disorder, ADD and other learning disabilities can take advantage of one of the many educational options available to them, such as bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, vocational or technical certificate programs.

Higher education offerings vary by location. Please contact a CLE representative to determine which location is best for you.