Pursue your higher education program of choice; whether a technical certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree, receive the supports necessary to experience success.

Independent Living

Live independently while learning how to manage personal finances, household responsibilities, and self-care.

Social Skills

Create meaningful friendships and experience new-found confidence in social situations by developing peer relationships and a social network.

Career Development

Students navigate career goals and gain work experience through jobs and volunteer opportunities with CLE professional support.

Enrichment Trips


CLE Enrichment Trip to Japan

Tokyo, Japan

July 27th – August 4th, 2015

This trip is tailored to introduce community events, the language and customs unique to this ancient yet modern culture. Participants will be exposed to an amazing food culture and unbelievable architecture. This trip will be guided by someone who speaks the language and has lived in the country for over 10 years.

2014 Enrichment Trips


North Cascades National Park & Seattle

Spring Break 2014

Students will spend their Spring Break volunteering at the National Park Service in the Pacific North West. The CLE group will reside in Park Service housing, participate in a variety of volunteer activities as stewards of our national lands, along with tour the attractions of downtown Seattle.


France & Spain

June 7-16, 2014

Back by popular demand, the CLE staff and students will be returning to the El Camino Trail in France and Spain. This historic & rewarding experience is designed around students hiking for 6 days while carrying their own backpacks and supplies. Prior to beginning their journey in St. Jean Pied du Port students will spend two nights in Paris. The group will tour this magnificent city, breathtaking museums, and historical national monuments before heading off to the Pyrenees Mountains by train. While on hike, which ends in Pamplona, Spain students will be of service to the community- run hotels by cleaning up after themselves and assisting tired pilgrims as they arrive for the night.

CLE Serves to Ireland


August 5-14, 2014

New to CLE Serves! With legendary landscapes and a wonderful culture, Ireland is bound to be a trip to remember. Students will be participating in at least two projects while traveling in Ireland. The first project will be held within Dublin and the second will focus on environmental conservation along the western coast. There will also be plenty of time for sightseeing including tours of castles and museums.