Pursue your higher education program of choice; whether a technical certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree, receive the supports necessary to experience success.

Independent Living

Live independently while learning how to manage personal finances, household responsibilities, and self-care.

Social Skills

Create meaningful friendships and experience new-found confidence in social situations by developing peer relationships and a social network.

Career Development

Students navigate career goals and gain work experience through jobs and volunteer opportunities with CLE professional support.

Academic Supports

Students at College Living Experience are encouraged to pursue their post secondary program of interest so services can be tailored specifically to their educational needs.

CLE collaborates with a variety of schools and programs including universities, community colleges, and vocational programs, while students work towards their degree or certificate.

Managing the complexity of higher education


Individual tutoring at CLE

CLE works to help students move through barriers that others may face in successfully completing their degree. Students are expected to have content knowledge along with cognitive strategies to be successful; but many have not been taught the key skills to be successful and self manage. CLE pulls together the needed skills in content and strategy with resources such as:

  • Individual and group content-specific tutoring by trained professional staff
  • Instruction across environments, including on campus, community, and CLE’s quiet tutoring and study hall rooms
  • Coaching in self-advocacy
  • Support in executive functions that impact learning including time management, organization, planning, and prioritizing
  • Anonymity for students wanting to move avoid working alongside peers in the disability support office on campus
  • Regular parent communication to keep abreast of updates and challenges that cannot be accessed through direct campus communication

Students at College Living Experience find that the individualized supports help them pursue their individual field of study, based on their own interests and skills.

The reason I am grateful for tutoring is because it has helped in giving me clarification in regards to my assignments. The tutors are very thoughtful and helpful, and give good advice on my study methods.

-Jack V.

Removing Barriers


Negotiating a college campus and learning new systems is a challenge for many students; additional stress may be added for someone with learning challenges We have the capability to provide personalized supports that extend beyond what traditional college programs. It is our role to remove the guessing game and frustrations by acting as a liaison and coach for students. While we are there to help, the ultimate goal is to continuously instruct students to learn and take accountability.

From the time of enrollment, staff supports students with:

  • Applying for and signing up for courses
  • Learning to navigate the campus
  • Accessing and utilizing accommodations and working with the disability support office
  • Actively communicating with professors

Motivation and self-esteem play a large factor in long-term drive to attain one’s goals. Starting immediately with supports can help bridge the gap and avoid a challenging first semester.

College campus CLE

The tutoring here is very helpful because it helps me manage my stress from all my classes by breaking down my classes into scheduled times. They help me to reach out and find the resources I need to succeed.

- Brandon L.

Did you know?

Postsecondary institutions have no obligation to identify and support students with disabilities, and individual disclosure of a disability is always voluntary. A student-initiated request is the only way to trigger access to accommodations and for requests like an alternate test location, the students must advocate each time they require this.

Consistent and Reliable Support

Scheduled tutoring sessions, proctored study hall and live or impromptu coaching provides students with meaningful instruction related to course content, executing assignments, and note-taking. Embedded throughout all academic supports is an understanding of how to support students to:

  • Advocate and Utilize Accommodations
  • Communicate with Faculty
  • Utilize Assistive Technology
  • Develop Time Management Skills
  • Organize Materials

Tutors help me with my struggling subjects. They have helped me interrupt things I don’t understand and finding details I might miss and planning out big projects. I like that CLE helps me pick out classes for the next semester and when they talk to your teachers with you it can help a whole lot.

- Eric R.

Largest Array of Degree and Certificate Offerings


Chase's Graduation - CLE

Students elect to enroll at CLE while simultaneously attending a higher education school of their choice. Our staff can help identify if the path you are pursuing is offered at one of the schools near a CLE center so you may pursue a Bachelors Degree, Associates Degree or Technical / Vocational Certificate. It is due to CLE’s collaboration across the country with a variety of schools and higher education institutions including universities, community colleges and vocational programs, that each student has s chance to pursue their own goals.

This can be accomplished due to the reach of campuses at 6 locations across the country. Pursue higher education options in

Costa Mesa, CA
Monterey, CA
Denver, CO
Austin, TX
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Washington, D.C.

Math tutoring doesn’t stress me out because we take it step by step, doesn’t pressure me, and do it in many fun ways.

- Maddy W.

Finish High School with CLE


Anthony at Jiffy Lube - CLEA variety of reasons may contribute to not having a chance to receive a high school diploma in your previous high school. Students who are interested in finishing high school can earn accredited diploma at CLE.. If you are interested in credit recovery and how to complete your diploma please contact us to learn more about this option. Students who do not wish to receive a tradition diploma can still enroll at CLE and attend higher education or pursue Career Development options.

My tutors give me confidence and help when I need it. They help me make a game plan for how I should tackle my work in class.

- Alexa F.

Tutoring helps me organize my stuff, organize my thoughts, and helps me learn.

- Shanel A.

Key influences in academic success


Independent living skills - being ready and preparedSuccessfully obtaining a degree is not just about being well prepared for courses and learning new material. Outside factors influence the ability to be ready and available for learning; we find most students need additional help during their transition, whether it is getting up and ready on time for class, maintaining your budget, learning how to meet and work with new classmates; CLE thought of that and has you covered by providing Independent Living and Social Skills Supports.