Pursue your higher education program of choice; whether a technical certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree, receive the supports necessary to experience success.

Independent Living

Live independently while learning how to manage personal finances, household responsibilities, and self-care.

Social Skills

Create meaningful friendships and experience new-found confidence in social situations by developing peer relationships and a social network.

Career Development

Students navigate career goals and gain work experience through jobs and volunteer opportunities with CLE professional support.

Academic Supports

Students at College Living Experience are encouraged to pursue their post secondary program of interest so services can be tailored specifically to their educational needs.

As such, CLE collaborates with a variety of schools and programs including universities, community colleges, and vocational programs, while students work towards their Bachelor’s Degree, Associates Degree, or certificate.

Each week, our students’ CLE schedules are filled with one-on-one content-specific tutoring, group tutoring, and supervised study halls. With guidance and instruction from professional tutors, students also receive coaching in planning, organizing, managing time, strategizing, and executing.

Professional Academic Support

To assist in a successful college transition for students with Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, ADD and learning disabilities, an academic support team facilitates communication between students and faculty. Led by an academic liaison, the support team provides disability awareness that inspires understanding and acceptance for special needs students. The liaison encourages and empowers students with special needs to advocate for themselves and seek the resources and accommodations they need for success in a college program.

Individualized Attention

Students receive extra support during structured one-on-one and group sessions with subject-specific tutors who have special training in best practices for working with students of varying abilities. These tutors utilize learning strategies that are the most effective for each student. With their content specific tutors, students with special learning needs review content, identify assignments and deadlines, develop strategies for meeting goals and learn how to cope with anxiety about testing. Supervised study halls give students structured study time in their daily schedule and a quiet place to utilize adaptive software and seek academic support. Students with special needs learn how to manage their time, prioritize and organize assignments, prepare for exams, and use specific study skills and techniques to become more engaged learners and more successful students as they apply themselves to their college programs.

High School Through CLE

Students who haven’t completed high school can earn an accredited diploma at CLE, while transitioning into the CLE college program. If you are interested in credit recovery and how to complete your diploma please contact us to learn more about this option.

Locations in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, and Texas.